• 12,000 New .CLUB Premium Names Available TODAY!

    At 10:00 am EST today, June 16, 2016, approximately 12,000 registry reserved .CLUB premium names will be released into the registrar channel via EPP, including some names that have never been offered by the registrar channel before.  This is the second time .CLUB has injected additional premium names into the registrar channel since launching our tiered premium program in […]

  •, and More Up For Grabs at WHD Global

    Are you going to WHD Global?  If so you’ll have the chance to bid on some great .CLUB names in World Hosting Day’s first ever domain auction.  Featuring names from a number of registries (including .CLUB, .Cloud, Uniregistry, Radix and .Global) the LIVE auction will be held on Monday evening, March 14 at the El […]

  • Solid Six Figure January .CLUB Premium Name Sales Launch 2016 with a Bang

    The strong premium name sales that we experienced in Q4 2015 are continuing into the new year as we closed January with a very solid Premium Name Sales total of $142,470.52. This brings the total cumulative premium name sales for .CLUB to $3,540,637.79. During the month of January 2016 there were 408 premium names sold.  […]

  • Yes We Con! .CLUB Starts 2016 At NamesCon and Comic Con

    Yes we Con! In the spirit of our hashtag #ClubIsEverywhere, the .CLUB team started 2016 with a bang at two great “con” events: NamesCon in Las Vegas, followed immediately by the Magic City Comic Con in Miami. Master of the Domains We are very proud to have been a sponsor of NamesCon since it’s very […]

  • Today’s The Day! Great .CLUB Names at the NamesCon Auction

    Today’s the day!  We’re starting off 2016 in Las Vegas at NamesCon (please stop by our booth if you are here).  This afternoon at 2pm Pacific Time the second annual NamesCon Live and Online Domain Name Auction will begin!  Pre-bidding has been underway on NameJet and all 9 of our names in the auction already […]

  •, and 7 More Super Premium .CLUB Names Are Up For Auction at NamesCon

    Hot off the success of two consecutive domain name auctions held in November, and as a follow up to last year’s record-breaking sale of for $140,000 at the inaugural RightOfTheDot/NamesCon Domain Name auction, we are very happy to announce that nine category killer .CLUB premium names will be offered at the upcoming NamesCon/RightOfTheDot/NameJet Live […]

  • .CLUB Hits Record Breaking $1,622,164.13 In November Premium Name Sales

    November was a record breaking month for both regular .CLUB registrations and premium name sales. It was our first month with more than $1 million in Premium Name sales, with strong deals coming from two auctions, our registrar channel, registry direct deals (including several portfolio deals) as well as through brokers and the aftermarket. We […]

  • Exclusive .CLUB 3-Number Name Auction on Sedo Begins Today

    Are you into numbers? As a follow up to our successful 2-letter auction on the platform we’re moving on to some potentially lucky numbers.  In partnership with Sedo we are pleased to announce the auction of 37 3-number domains, all offered with no reserve price, so all bidders have a great chance to get […]

  • SOLD! 24 of 26 Names SELL in .CLUB’s First China Auction

    SOLD!  Our first China based auction, in partnership with EJEE’s platform, was a clear success with 24 out of 26 names meeting or exceeding their reserves and successfully selling.  The total sales from the auction was $134,654.  The auction, conducted over 5 consecutive nights, featured 25 two-letter domains and one single letter name, […]

  • A Record Month: .CLUB October Registry Reserved Premium Name Sales Report

    October was a solid month for .CLUB premium name sales, scaring up some strong deals through multiple channels including registrars, registry direct, brokers and aftermarket.  In addition, we ended the month by launching an auction of 25 2-letter names and one 1-letter name ( on EJEE’s platform in China.  The fully bi-lingual (English and […]

  • Our “China” Auction Is Fully Bi-Lingual – Bid Now In English!

    The first .CLUB one and two letter domain name auction is now underway!  With the high demand for short (1, 2 and 3 character) domains in China, we are hosting the auction on EJEE’s EachNic platform in China.  While the auction is hosted in China, the EachNic platform is fully bi-lingual and it is very […]

  • .CLUB September Registry Reserved Premium Name & SnapNames Sales Report

    September was a busy month of travel for the .CLUB team, starting and ending the month with events focused on the Domain Investor community, DomainFest Asia in Macau and then The Domain Conference in our hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Our premium name sales continue to grow on a month to month basis, as do […]

  • Great and Keywords in SnapNames Auctions – Bid Today!

    Today (Monday, September 14, 2015) there are some great .CLUB names ready to go to Auction on SnapNames.  To participate you need to get your bid in by Midnight ET tonight (9pm PT).  As you may have heard, numbers are the hot domain names these days, driven by strong demand from domain investors in China. […]

  • .CLUB August Registry Reserved Premium Name & SnapNames Sales Report

    With the continued expansion of our registrar distribution for tiered premium names, August showed an increase in total premium name revenue over the prior month.  This report will also note completed SnapNames auctions during the month.  In August we launched SnapNames auctions for dropping .CLUB domain names. As of August 31, 2015, total cumulative sales […]

  • and More 3 Character .CLUB Auctions on SnapNames This Week

    As we’ve touted before, there are thousands of great dropping .CLUB domain names now available on SnapNames for a minimum bid of $69 and if there are more than one bid, the names go into an exclusive SnapNames auction. With the 2016 election in the air now is the time to get your bid in for both […]

  • This Week’s .CLUB SnapNames Auctions – 3 Characters, Meatball and More!

    There are thousands of great dropping .CLUB domain names now available on SnapNames for a minimum bid of $69.  If there are more than one bid, the names go into an exclusive SnapNames auction. RIGHT NOW the following 3 character names have more than one bid and will be going into auction TONIGHT, Monday August […]

  • Snap[Names] Now Offers .CLUB Dropping Names

    Mining for gold… A common but accurate idiom often used to describe “the drop” of domain names not renewed and then deleted by the registry. In fact, the sale of deleted domains has spun into a thriving market that often times include great deals and occasionally highly-competitive auctions. And, yes, there are hundreds of thousands of […]

  • What Happens In Vegas? Join the .CLUB To Find Out!

    The .CLUB team was in full force at the 2nd Annual NamesCon conference at the Tropicana hotel earlier this month in Las Vegas.  The second edition of this well run event was even more popular than last year’s great inaugural showing.  There were more exhibitors, more attendees, more speakers, more sessions, more fun, and more […]

  • Exclusive Interview with DomainGang’s Russian Correspondent Nikolai Domeinenko

    With global interest in .CLUB on the rise, it is only natural that we get interview requests from all over the world.  Recently I had the chance to speak with DomainGang‘s highly regarded (and somewhat guarded) Russian correspondent, Nikolai Domeinenko.  The exclusive interview, conducted via satellite from Moscow, was recorded and presented by DomainGang in […]

  • Great .CLUB Names In The RightOfTheDot NamesCon Auction!

      If you are not ready to give up all your bad habits for your New Year’s resolutions, you may be in luck as some popular vices are topping the list of alluring web addresses that individuals and entrepreneurs can bid on at the upcoming RightOfTheDot Live and Online Domain Auction at NamesCon. High-value premium domain names including […]

  • Bid Now! Live Auction Concludes Tomorrow for, and more!

    5 Super Premium .CLUB names are being auctioned TOMORROW by the prestigious Auction House Heritage Auctions (  Online bidding by proxy closes TONIGHT at 10pm ET.  Then the LIVE AUCTION takes place tomorrow (Thursday, July 24th) at starting at 1pm CT. Heritage Auctions has recently added domain names to its portfolio of high value items and properties for […]