.Bar, .Beer, .Club, .Vodka Registries Mix It Up At The Nightclub & Bar Show in Vegas

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Raising awareness of new domain extensions is important to every registry, and in certain industry verticals there are now some great domain name choices that are meaningful and memorable for that particular industry.  With that in mind, .CLUB, Punto2012 and Minds + Machines have partnered to exhibit together at the Nightclub & Bar show, happening now in Las Vegas.  It is a big show, attracting every imaginable aspect of the industry, and it is heavily attended by bar and club owners and operators from all over.

This is our third year exhibiting at the show.  The first time it was just us.  Last year we partnered with Punto2012 and presented .BAR and .CLUB.  This year we’re excited to add .BEER and .VODKA to the mix thanks to the participation of Minds + Machines.  The truth is, in the context of an industry event, we find it is easier and more impactful to tell the story of domain name choices that are relevant to the industry, than to just try and push a single domain extension.

Whether attendees represent a bar or a club, with these four great domains we’ll have something for anyone and everyone who visits our booth.  We designed a special custom booth to show off all four domains, and we’re giving away lots of cool .Bar, .Beer, .CLUB and .Vodka schwag with our popular “Spin To Win” wheel.

This kind of partnering with like-minded registries makes good financial sense (we share the cost of the show) and good business sense (we make a stronger case for the availability and viability of new domain extensions) and we look forward to doing more of it!

Check out our presence at the Nightclub & Bar Show:


CdDNNumUYAI0OKk swag


ncb booth

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Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.