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  • Recent Premium Name Sales

       ┃  $10,516 ┃ Sold by Safenames    ┃$7,000 ┃ Sold by GoDaddy    ┃ $5,000 ┃ Sold by GoDaddy

  • Is A Subscription Club Right For You?

    The launch of BirchBox in 2010 inspired a wave of Internet entrepreneurs to focus entirely on the subscription model. Initially it inspired other beauty box startups like Boxy Charm and Ipsy, then the fashion world quickly followed suit with Le Tote, Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and more. But you don’t have to work in beauty […]

  • VIDEO: 2050Thinkers.Club

    A great launch event for Mario & all the 2050Thinkers.Club team in Vienna! Congratulations!

  • ARTICLE: Chroma.Club

    Chroma.Club, an adult ‪coloring‬ ‪subscription‬ (formerly receives great reviews by ‘Hello Subscription’

  • IMAGE: Move-It.Club

    Move-It.Club, the Hong Kong based first mobile connected smart home gym, selected from 300 teams into the Top 15 in the Technode Asia Hardware Battle.

  • Welcome To Get.Club: Live Sites, Celebrities, InTheWild & a Store!

    We’re excited to introduce a refreshed new website at  As we’ve said here before, we are most excited about the amazing businesses and individuals using .CLUB web addresses.  As the leading new domain extension when it comes to usage, we wanted to create a fun environment to regularly highlight the great, creative uses of […]

  • 12,000 New .CLUB Premium Names Available TODAY!

    At 10:00 am EST today, June 16, 2016, approximately 12,000 registry reserved .CLUB premium names will be released into the registrar channel via EPP, including some names that have never been offered by the registrar channel before.  This is the second time .CLUB has injected additional premium names into the registrar channel since launching our tiered premium program in […]