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With the .CLUB Trademark Sunrise period having less than a week to go (Sunrise ends on March 29th) our focus has been heavily on informing brands and trademark holders about the benefits of registering their respective names.  With that in mind the .CLUB team has been on the road again to meet with brands and brand marketers and invite them to join the .CLUB.

One of the most attended marketing events of the year is the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas.  A massive event that literally consumes all of downtown Austin and it’s immediate environs, the “Interactive” portion of SXSW attracts every imaginable digital marketer from major brands to struggling startups.  Heralded as “Spring Break for Geeks,” SXSW is non-stop marketing mayhem.  So how could we resist?

At SXSW .CLUB was a sponsor of a one day “Brand Innovators” conference, which was a great chance to talk with marketers from brands including Lego, Hasbro, Mondelez International, MaryKay Cosmetics and many, many more.  During one of the sessions there was a great discussion about new Top Level Domains and what it means to marketers.  We think that new domain extensions like .CLUB present a tremendous opportunity for brands and their online presence and campaigns.  Smart marketers can now brand all aspects of their business with meaningful domain names that are memorable, marketable and make it easier for their customers to find exactly what they are looking for online.  (I’ll dive into this topic much deeper during my keynote speech at the upcoming DomainFest conference in Los Angeles next week.)

After SXSW, the .CLUB roadshow continued in Orlando Florida where the team exhibited at the LoyaltyExpo conference, a great gathering of brands focused on customer loyalty and rewards.  Many brands have expressed interest in using a .CLUB name specifically for their loyalty and reward programs and at LoyaltyExpo we had the chance to meet many of them in person.

The .CLUB roadshow continues with meeting and events in Beijing, Macau, Singapore, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for more updates…

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