.CLUB Leads With 10x Average Usage Based on Namestat.org Data

As the ICANN51 Meeting commences in Los Angeles, California the .CLUB team is in full-force, meeting with our registrar partners from all over the world.  While the .CLUB registration numbers remain very strong (we will cross 120,000 domains sold during the course of this week), one of the things we will be highlighting to our partners is the leadership position .CLUB has for usage (active live websites).  Every day we are impressed with the quality and quantity of new websites around the world that are actively using a .CLUB domain name.

Active usage for a new domain extension is essential to it’s success and to the success of the registrars selling the domains.  One of the best ways to raise consumer awareness of a new domain extension is for the extension to be used by popular websites, whose visitors will be introduced to the domain name.  In addition, domain extensions that are actively used provide registrars with more profitable up-sell opportunities for hosting, email and other services.  Lastly, domain names that are attached to active websites are most likely to renew their registrations, providing recurring revenue for both the Registry and Registrars.  For all of these reasons we are very pleased to be leading the pack in usage.

One of the primary sources for tracking data around the new domain name extensions is Namestat.org, which recently began tracking usage of new domain name extensions for active, highly trafficked websites.  Namestat is tracking the number of websites in the Alexa Top Million.  As noted in the summary chart below, based on the Namestat.org data on October 8th, 2014, .CLUB has more websites in the Alexa Top Million than any other new domain extension.  Further, if you calculate the average usage (number of sites in the Alexa Top Million) for the next top 49 extensions after .CLUB they average 16.6  sites per domain, one-tenth of the number of .CLUB sites.  .CLUB leads with more than ten times the usage of the average.

Usage Screen

*Data from Namestat.org on October 8, 2014.  For data on all the Top 50 extensions with sites in the Alexa Top Million please visit www.Namestat.org

For examples of many of the live .CLUB websites, CLICK HERE.

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