#ClubIsEverywhere: The .CLUB Team Takes on Asia

The .CLUB team started 2014 on the road as CEO Colin Campbell and CMO Jeff Sass toured Asia, meeting with registrars in Japan and China along with our friends and partners at TLD Registry.  From Tokyo to Beijing to Xiamen (a/k/a “Domain Island) it was amazing to see the word “CLUB” recognized and used in ads, on signs and throughout every country visited.  According to Colin, “The more we travel the world, the more we realize that .CLUB truly is a global brand.  The word CLUB, in English, is a common sight everywhere we go, and the many international registrars we have met, many of whom have already signed our RRA, clearly understand the widespread appeal of CLUB as a top level domain name.”

The more we travel the world, the more we realize that .CLUB truly is a global brand.
– Colin Campbell

In both Japan and China, it is not only quite common to see the word “Club” in a sign, but often it is preceded by Japanese or Chinese characters, making CLUB a word that truly transcends language barriers.

A Credit Card “club” Ad in Tokyo

In China, just a few steps from the hotel it became clear that CLUB was everywhere, from restaurants, to KTV (Karaoke) clubs and much more.

A Club in Beijing…

Everywhere the .CLUB team goes, spotting “Club” has become a fun game… sometimes with surprising results.

The “Yung Mammy Baby Club” in Beijing

We’re collecting pictures of CLUB in the wild from all over the world.  If you want to play along,  just email us or post a picture of the word club that you have spotted (and tell us where it is) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google Plus and tag the post with #ClubIsEverywhere.  You’ll be included in drawings for a .CLUB shirt.

Colin and Jeff were too busy to visit a popular KTV (Karaoke) Club in Xiamen. (Photo: @pinkybrand)

Join The .CLUB

Now that .CLUB has been delegated to the Internet root, you will start to see more registrars offering Pre-Registrations for .CLUB domain names.  We will shortly launch our Trademark Sunrise period, where brands, corporations and trademark holders can register the .CLUB name for their trademarks.  After Sunrise anyone will be able to get a .CLUB name starting around the end of March.  As our partners at GoDaddy say, “It’s Go Time!”


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