.CLUB Team

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Colin Campbell, Founder, Chairman & CEO


“One of my passions are my 3 younger kids, Peanut, Pumpkin, and Pauppy. All King Charles Spaniels. Although at times they can be very demanding, they are truly are a man’s best friend. One club I’d really like to find, join or start: the KingCharlesSpaniel.club.

An internet pioneer since 1993, Colin, and partners, have built several internet companies which include Tucows Interactive (TCX), Internet Direct Canada Inc. (TSX: IDX), Hostopia.com Inc.(TSX: H), and GeeksForLess.com.

Colin’s companies have won several awards including Profit magazine’s 7th fastest growing company in Canada (1997), Profit magazine’s 2nd fastest growing company in Canada (1998), and Canada’s #1 fastest growing company (2005).

He has also been an active member of the internet community in the past serving as director for the Canadian Association of Internet Providers (CAIP), and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), and has been a guest speaker at a number of Universities speaking on Entrepreneurship.

Colin is writing a book titled: Start, Scale, Exit, Repeat! and was a featured speaker at EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program discussing his theories on entrepreneurship.

Most recently Colin and partners continue to launch new companies including, .Club Domains LLC., Brisk Mobile, SharkFin Canada, and EntrepreneurWiki.com.


Dirk Bhagat, Founder & CTO

dirk“I love reading, so if Oprah turns it down, I’d buy book.club. Do founders get a discount? ;)”

As the former CTO of Hostopia.com, Dirk pioneered Hostopia’s Clustering Technology, the foundation of Hostopia’s technology platform. In 2006, he helped take the company public with an IPO that raised $29M and an eventual exit in 2008 with a sale to Deluxe Corp for $124M. In 2008, Dirk invented Hostopia’s SNAP Migration technology which allowed seamless migration of millions of email customers, which became the cornerstone technology in 2009 for the acquisition of Aplus.net, and many large customers such as Register.com and EarthLink.

Dirk also serves on the board of Brisk Mobile, a mobile development company, and is Founder and CEO of SharkFin Networks, an outdoor advertising company headquartered in Toronto.


Jeff Sass, CMO


“I am passionate about gadgets and am known to always have multiple new ‘toys’ on my person at all times.  That guy with a smartphone, Pebble watch, FitBit, and a few other devices all at the same time.. that’s me.  So I guess my dream .club would be gadget.club.

Someone forgot to tell Jeff we weren’t taking mug shots…  Jeff has 30 years of experience in the technology and entertainment industries and has co-founded several start-ups including mobile commerce pioneer BarPoint.com in 1999.  As Vice President, Chief Evangelist at Myxer, from 2007 to 2012 Jeff played a significant role in growing the mobile entertainment company into one of the top 15 mobile websites in the U.S. He is a Co-Founder of EntrepreneurWiki, and Social Object Factory.

Jeff has also written and produced for film and television and has a deep understanding of the content business that is unique for a tech executive.

A graduate of Cornell University, Jeff is a frequent speaker and panelist on mobile marketing, digital music, entrepreneurship and social media. He is also an online instructor for the University of San Francisco’s Mobile Marketing Program. Jeff has had articles published in AdAge, Forbes, DMNews, Mobile Marketer, iMedia Connection and others. He is a co-host of the Cast of Dads podcast and writes regularly for a number of blogs including Dadomatic.com, SocialNetworkingRehab.com, and his personal blog, Sassholes! He also served as an Intel Advisor and Sony Digidad.


Thomas Campbell, CFO


“Like many others I’ve collected coins since I was very young.  Collecting coins may stem from my fascination with metals found in the world. My choice of a .club is coincollectors.club.

Tom is a former International Tax specialist of Deloitte Canada, and joined the .CLUB Team in the beginning of 2014. He has more than 6 years of experience in International Finance and Tax Management. Tom is highly specialized in US & Canadian personal/corporate tax policies and U.S Foreign trust reporting.  In addition, Tom has previously worked at Hostopia, along with his brother Colin, .CLUB’s CEO.

Enthusiastic about preserving the existing natural environment, Tom strives to increase its growth.  In fact, Tom is concerned with growth in all areas of his life.  In addition to his environmental interests, Tom’s passion is the safety and well-being of animals, such as the polar and koala bears.

As the resident “numbers guy” Tom is a great asset to the .CLUB team.

Michele Van Tilborg, President

The .CLUB I dream of owning is ECO.club. I’d build a community fueled by content curation for the masses to discover earth friendly products.  On the top of my personal list is to discover an affordable renewable energy source to power my air conditioning. Since I live in sunny South Florida over 50% of our electric consumption is for A/C in the summer.”

Michele joins the .CLUB team with over 25 years of marketing and product management experience at leading e-commerce brands. Most recently she served as the CMO of Moniker and SnapNames, both industry leaders in the domain name space. Michele brings a wide range of knowledge as it applies to the ever evolving domain name ecosystem.

Prior to joining the wonderful world of domains, she held product management and marketing roles at Rent.com an eBay company, First American Real Estate Solutions and Wolters Kluwer. She is passionate about connecting consumers to products and services that positively impact improve their quality of life.


Jonathan Frost, General Counsel


“Since sci-fi has always been a passion of mine, my dream club domain would be sci-fi.club.”

Jonathan is General Counsel at .Club Domains. Jonathan has been granted the CIPP/US designation, which is a key benchmark certification for US rules surrounding data collection and use, government access to private information, workplace privacy, federal consumer privacy statutes, and state data breach laws.

Having been awarded his J.D. with Distinction from McGeorge School of Law, Jonathan has served in Inside and Outside Counsel positions, practicing contractual compliance, contractual litigation, and corporate governance litigation.

Jonathan is an avid reader and watcher of Science Fiction, and is rumored to have read every Robert Heinlein novel and viewed every Star Trek production.


Nivu Hussain, Director of Marketing

“After getting bitten by the adventure motorbiking bug recently, I have fallen love with the access it gives me to visit beautiful landscapes and have fun while doing it. I would love to own ‘ADV.Clubto write about my motorbike adventures!

Marketing & Communicating the opportunities of the .CLUB gTLD to the rest of the world can be an exacting process. To help us out with this task, we have Nivu Hussain, the youngest member in our team who has been with us since the start of .CLUB. Coming from a Middle-Eastern /Indian background, Nivu communicates the value of .CLUB to Registrars & Resellers from Asian & Middle Eastern markets and helps them to market .CLUB as well.

Nivu has previously worked in trading and manufacturing businesses and has valuable experience in international business, brand marketing and direct-selling. He also runs a chain of boutique budget hotels in India called Sapphire.club . And you guessed right he uses a .CLUB Name for him hotels website.