Code For Kids! Our Featured .CLUB Member is Moxie.Club


The internet has been developing so quickly for the past few years that now even an 8 year old kid should consider learning how to code, and if they live in or around Chlliwack, BC in Canada they can do so at Moxie Club, another great local small business using a .CLUB domain name.  Moxie Club offers a great way to introduce anyone to programming, doing it by using innovative and fun materials. While there are many online resources, Moxie.Club combines fun learning and proven coaching techniques for a great, in-person class environment.

The team at Moxie Club are carefully choosing their lessons from because they believe in the next generation and think that “learning to code is not just for those who would like to pursue programming as a career.” It is also useful to learn it because, nowadays, you need to use your computer for everything, including school, career and your hobbies. The Moxie Club team are industry professionals that love working with kids and know how to adapt their system for students of any age.

All the lessons are taught from their cosy home where parents can bring their kids in and wait for them in the small waiting area or simply pick them up after the lessons are over.


This is a local small business that is laying the groundwork for the next generation by teaching children to code at early stage.  They are doing their part to really change the future and the internet in a fun and creative way.

We love the idea and mission behind Moxie Club and we are very pleased to welcome to the .CLUB family!

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