Coders Fight To Learn! Our Featured .CLUB Member is Code-Fight.Club


While the domain name “” was recently sold at the live RightOfTheDot NamesCon auction, it is not the only Fight Club in town.  Our featured live site is a very clever club that encourages creative people to learn to code:  Coding can indeed be challenging, and that’s why new innovative methods are always welcome by students or any eager person that is looking to learn to code in a fast, fun way. At you can learn by either watching other’s battles or just start one yourself.  Code-Fight.Club is a project that was built by Andrew Hathaway with the goal of helping developers to write their code in the most efficient and preferred way.



Above is just an example of a “code fight” that is taking place on the website.  Is very interesting and even exciting to watch people live coding and the see the status of their work. Green shows the person that is currently leading the fight by using cleaner, more efficient code.

In order to decide whose code is most appreciated and preferred, visitors to the site can either comment or vote against a code fighter.  Code-Fight.Club supports 84 different languages with a mix between programming languages and templating syntaxes. Users can start a fight on any of the listed languages.

The first rule of fight club is…  to welcome Code-Fight.Club to the .CLUB family!

You can see more live sites here.

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