Drawables.Club Emerges As The eMerge Americas Hackathon Winner!

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Over the weekend the .CLUB team attended the eMerge Americas/Iron Hack Hackathon in Miami.  The well attended event, starting Friday night, was the kickoff to the 5-day eMerge Americas conference. Developers, designers, marketers and business people gathered Friday evening at the outstanding Idea Center facility at Miami Dade College, to form teams for the 24 hour competition.  The teams were competing for a $10,000 first prize, as well as the .CLUB prize of $2,000 for the best project using a .CLUB name.  Out of 27 teams, 22 of them actually registered a .CLUB name for their projects and more than half of those did a great job of using their .CLUB name for their hackathon entry.  During the entire hackathon, everyone was kept caffeinated courtesy of Coffee.club.

In the end, it was Drawables.club, a clever app to draw on top of images and send them to friends within Facebook Messenger, that won both the grand prize and the .CLUB prize.  This was quite a feat for the Drawables.club team as the judging of the two prizes was done independently and based on completely different criteria.  You can read more about the hackathon in the Miami Herald.

Congrats to everyone who participated in the Hackathon, and especially to the winning team behind Drawables.club.



The Drawables.club team with .CLUB’s Jessica You, Michele Van Tilborg and Bianca Ticu

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