What is .CLUB?

.CLUB is a new generic top level domain name (“gTLD”). Now, clubs, membership organizations and others are able to buy .club names such as,, or any other name with the .club extension.

What is a gTLD?

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that issues the .com, .org., .biz, etc., in January 2012 opened the doors for new top level domain names to be applied for. Nearly 2,000 new names were applied for by companies including Google, Amazon, Nike, and others.

Who is Registry Services?

Registry Services, LLC (GoDaddy Registry) is a leading domain name industry pioneer and is the Registry Operator for the .biz Top-Level Domain. We’ve played a role in the growth and evolution of nearly every aspect of the domain name space. Today we are the world’s largest provider of digital naming services, with a dream team of the industry’s most passionate leaders, innovators, and influencers.

Why do we need more domain names?

As many businesses know, it is often difficult to get the domain name you want, or the domain name that truly best represents your business. New generic TLD’s will give individuals and companies new flexibility to find a domain name that best suits their needs. In particular, .CLUB provides the ideal domain name opportunity for any group or membership organization, retailers with affinity and loyalty programs, and really, anyone with a passion.

When will .CLUB names be available for purchase?

.CLUB was the first “top 20” generic to come to market and is available now!

Why is .CLUB special?

.Club is not just another new top level domain name. The word “CLUB” is not like any other “generic” string – “Club” brings immediately recognizable meaning and marketing value to any name to the left of the dot. In addition, .Club is a truly global brand – the word “club” carries the same spelling and meaning all over the world.

Who is the target customer for a .Club domain name?

There are literally millions of clubs and membership organizations throughout the world, but the market for .Club names is much larger than just existing clubs. Every consumer facing business needs a .club name for their affinity/loyalty/customer community. There are over 600 million Facebook groups and countless groups on LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo, many of which are actually clubs, representing people with hobbies and shared interests and passions. Everyone has a passion. Now everyone can have a .CLUB name.

Is anyone be able to get a .CLUB name?

Yes!  .CLUB is a completely open registry with no restrictions or validations required to obtain a name.  Whether you are an established organization with thousands of members, or an individual with a passion you want to share, there’s a .CLUB name for you.