Featured .CLUB Member: MiPay.club in Kenya

We have always said that .CLUB is a global brand, and as we travel the world it is always exciting and encouraging to see the word Club, spelled C L U B, widely used and understood in every country we visit.  Even so, it was especially rewarding to receive an email from Kenyan entrepreneur Samson Arita, who recently lauched MiPay.club, a mobile payment platform in Kenya.  According to Samson, “Mobile money is quite big in our country Kenya and is used in making most essential payments.  We hope to give a solution to the MiPay Club members that will bring convenience by allowing them to explore active usage of other methods of payments, for instance cards, via mobile and other channels.”

We’re honored to feature MiPay.club this week, as another example of a great business being created around a .CLUB domain.  Congratulations Samson!  Welcome to the .CLUB family.


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Jeff Sass

Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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