and Lead May .CLUB Premium Name Sales, New Premium Names Released To Registrar Channel And An Auction on West.CN In China

May .CLUB premium name sales were led by 6 direct sales made by the Registry out of a total of 38 names sold for the month.  There were no auctions during the month of May. In addition to the registry, 13 registrars contributed to total May premium name sales of $43,029.30.  The top sale was for, sold by the registry for $10,000.  The top sale from the registrar channel was, sold by registrar Nameweb for $7,500.  June will see a new .CLUB auction at in China currently underway through June 14th. In addition, on June 16th an additional 12,000 registry reserved premium names will be released into the registrar channel.

At the end of May the total cumulative premium name sales for .CLUB was $3,884,300.33.

The registrar channel continues to be an active source of premium name sales for .CLUB. 13 different registrars from all over the globe contributed to May sales.  A list of registrars offering premium .CLUB names is available here. To download a list of the NEW tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.  The tiered premium names available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through,, Right of the Dot, and through the Registry.

To make it easier for domain investors to track the remaining availability of both standard priced and premium priced .CLUB letter and numeric names, we have launched a Domain Availability Dashboard at The dashboard data is updated every 15 minutes, and all lists of names are available to be downloaded as a spreadsheet.  In addition to the letter and numeric names, the dashboard offers a 5-day list of Deleting Names for download.  The Deleting Names list is updated once daily.  In addition, we have added the lists of ALL and NEW tiered premium names, broken down by 3 & 4 Character names, Chinese names, and all other names.



On June 16, 2016 approximately 12,000 registry reserved .CLUB premium names will be released into the registrar channel, including some names that have never been offered by the registrar channel before.  This is the second time .CLUB has injected additional premium names into the registrar channel since launching our tiered premium program in July 2015.  The names are in nine pricing tiers, ranging from suggested retail prices of $100 to $10,000.  In all cases renewals are at the standard .CLUB registration fee of approximately $10 – $15 per year.

There are some great deals available within the new premium name additions, including a number of 3 and 4 character domains, Chinese domains and great, brandable names such as:

And many, many more.  The new names will be available through all registrars carrying .CLUB premium names on June 16.  You can download a complete list of the NEW tiered premium names here.




Westcn auction


One of the top registrars in China, West.CN, is holding an exclusive .CLUB auction which is live now and ends on June 14th.  Twenty great names are included in the no reserve auction, including the single character “”  West.CN also has an English interface so that you can watch and/or participate in the auction from outside China. You can access the live auction now at this link.

Here’s the complete inventory for the West.CN .CLUB Auction:




During the month of May 38 premium .Club domains were sold by 14 different sources. The top sales of the month were made directly by the registry, led by the sale of for $10,000.  Other sales by the registry included and (sold to the respective brands under NDA).  Top sales from the registrar channel included, sold by Nameweb for $7,500 and sold by Chengdu West for $3,873.

During the month of May premium names were sold by GoDaddy (12), NameCheap (5), Chengdu West (3), OVH (2), United Domains (2) and Enom, FBS,, Nameweb, Network Solutions, RU Center, Regtime and Uniregistrar each sold one (1) name.

Total premium name sales for the month were $43,029.30. 

In May, Chinese Registrars only accounted for approximately 9.6% of all premium name sales.  The registry direct sales accounted for approximately 58% of the month’s total.

may sales chart

Figure 1. .CLUB Sales Breakdown by Source

Below are the names sold in May at prices of $1,000 or more (excluding and, which are under NDA).

Name Retail Price Sale Source
KICKS.CLUB  $1,548.85 Uniregistrar Corp
COLORING.CLUB  $1,830.47 NameCheap, Inc.
BUD.CLUB  $2,000.00 Direct
ESPRESSO.CLUB  $3,000.00 Direct
FIVE.CLUB  $3,873.55 Chengdu West
FLYERS.CLUB  $5,500.00 Direct
OPERA.CLUB  $7,500.00 Nameweb BVBA
GANJA.CLUB  $10,000.00 Direct


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