Happy New Year To Our Friends & Partners in China (and Some Serious Monkey Business!)

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China has been a significant contributor to the growth and success of .CLUB over the past two years and it is our honor and pleasure to wish all of our friends and partners in China our very best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. As it is the Year of the Monkey, we are delighted to use the occasion of the New Year to introduce our new friend and mascot, Hou Mi Mi!
Hou Mi Mi is a clever and industrious Monkey who loves his bananas, and of course his community of likeminded friends – just like everyone who has become a part of the .CLUB community by registering a .CLUB domain.  We’re excited to have Hou Mi Mi join us on our 2016 Journey in China and you can expect to see a lot more of him.
As a start, working with our great partners at Allegravita, if you are in contact with us on WeChat you’ll see many custom Hou Mi Mi Emojis,   If you want to download and install our .CLUB Hou Mi Mi Emojis in your own WeChat account you can download them here.
Speaking of WeChat, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of our officlal .CLUB verified business WeChat account.  Very few, if any, western companies have a verified WeChat account and we are honored and proud to be able to connect with our friends and partners with daily updates through WeChat.
To Subscribe to the official .CLUB WeChat please scan this QR Code:
In one of our recent daily WeChat updates, we introduced the first in a series of comic strips featuring Hou Mi Mi…
Just like our monkey friend Hou Mi Mi, while we look forward to continuing to grow our business in China, we also look forward to having lots of fun in China in 2016.  We look forward to spending quality time in China with all of our great friends and partners, old and new!
Happy New Year!
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