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Are you hungry for a great community all about Pizza?  If you live in the Minneapolis area you are in luck.  Check out the Minneapolis Pizza Club at  No matter how you slice it, this is a cool website for the Pizza lover in us all.  Check out their description:

MPLS PIZZA CLUB – all things Pizza!Eat. Make. Share. View. Joke. Review. Party.
To Start: Tag all things PIZZA in your life with: #mplspizzaclub

#mplspizzaclub or Minneapolis Pizza Club: is an all things pizza community.
If you eat pizza, you’re already a member. Pizza club happens everytime any of us eat pizza or think about pizza or talk about pizza.

Fo Realz: MPLS PIZZA CLUB is what you make it.

So eat pizza, make pizza, share pizza, review pizza, share recipes, take photos of pizza, go on pizza tours, pizza adventures, find pizza memes, give pizza presents, your pizza, appreciate those who love pizzas, keep up on pizza news, throw pizza parties, make pizza merch and designs, etc.
You can participate NOW by tagging all things pizza in your life with #mplspizzaclub – (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and finding us on the social media outlets.

We love the (slightly cheesy) line, “If you eat pizza, you’re already a member.”  Now that’s a club!  They are even hosting a “Pizza Camp” this weekend!

With or without pepperoni, we are very happy to welcome to the .CLUB family!  Now gimme a slice!

(You can see more “live” .CLUB websites here.)

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