Internet Retailer Focuses On New gTLDs And Their Marketing Impact


Internet Retailer has published an in-depth look at the new gTLDs written by Associate Editor Amy Dusto.  It is a fairly in-depth look at the new top level domain names and makes some good points about why retailers need to be paying attention to the new extensions.

“Retailers need to consider how the coming onslaught of new Internet domains—set to start hitting the web early next year—will impact their brand and retailing strategies.”

I had a chance to speak with Ms. Dusto while she was researching the article and shared with her some of my views on the value of .CLUB to retailers in particular.

“One of the first new gTLD owners, .Club Domains LLC, which as of June 6 owns .club, plans to keep the domain priced competitively with .com, says Jeffrey Sass, chief marketing officer. He says he expects retailers will be among those who want a .club address, as many of them already use the term to describe their loyalty programs. “.Club would make sense for where they target those programs [on the web],” he says. “Their customers and fans can gather there.”

It’s a long article, but well worth reading, and sharing with retailers and other companies interested in learning more about the coming new gTLDs and the marketing and business opportunities the new domain extensions can represent for them.  As Dusto concludes:

“With so much interest already in the new gTLDs, retailers that don’t seize the opportunity to reinvent their online presence may find themselves a step behind their competitors’ newer, more relevant e-destinations.”

You can click here to read the entire Internet Retailer article.

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