We’re Live! .CLUB Has Been Delegated To The Internet!


We’ve been rooting for this day to arrive for a long time, and now it is here!  The top level domain name “.CLUB” has been “delegated to the root” which means that a web address (URL) with the extension .CLUB can now be recognized and resolve to a working website.  As the official Registry for .CLUB and as required by ICANN for all Registries, the very first website to go live with a .CLUB extension is our own site at the address www.nic.club.  All Registries must use the address www.nic.theirTLD for their site at launch.

History Is Made

This is a historic time for both .CLUB and the Internet as just over 100 new gTLDs have been delegated so far.  This is the beginning of a new wave of opportunity for brands, businesses and individuals as the Internet Name space opens up with a vast amount of choice to find the perfect name for your online identity.  Extensions like .CLUB can add real meaning to your brand or company name, or to whatever words appear to the left of the “.”  The launch of www.nic.club is just the beginning.  We will shortly enter our Trademark Sunrise period and on or around March 8, 2014 you will begin to see many more websites with the .CLUB extension go live.

Now is the time to join the .CLUB!  Visit your favorite Domain Name Registrar for pre-registrations and more information.  For brands and corporations interested in obtaining .CLUB addresses for your trademarks, please register with the Trademark Clearinghouse, directly or through your registrar.

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Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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