Live Large (and Fashionable!) Our Featured .CLUB Member is


Have you always noticed that in almost every fashion show features beautiful, skinny girls dressing in the coolest clothes?

Indeed, many women would fit and love to dress like those models, but there are also many beautiful women that don’t fit the typical runway model type. So, what happens with the rest of the women?  Shouldn’t they be able to dress just as fashionably as the models they see in ads and shows?

Being larger does not mean you can’t look amazing! All it takes is a little bit of advice and a lot of confidence to feel comfortable and great with the way your body is shaped. Embrace your curves by learning how to Live Large and be fashionable at the same time… That’s the purpose behind our featured .CLUB website, Soozie Bea’s Fatshion Club.  They are even selling beautiful accessories with the message “Live Large”.

Things are indeed changing in the fashion world! Sites like help make it easier to look good at any size (as it should be!)  It is our pleasure to welcome into the .CLUB family. Now dress me!

You can see more LIVE .Club sites here.

– Bianca

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