Love, Live! Animated Characters Teaming up with New Domain Extensions!


To celebrate over 10 million domains sold in Japan, our partner Onamae released a clever ad campaign featuring characters from the anime titled “Love, Live!” Anime is a word referring to all Japanese animated productions of hand-drawn or computer animation, a style that is wildly popular in Japan and around the world.  In Japan, teaming up with animated characters is one of the common advertising practices because these characters have not only distinctive personality, but also their own fan bases.

In this promotion, nine idols from the anime “Love, Live!” represent nine available domain extensions on their cheeks, from .com to .jp to .CLUB and more. With each idols’ unique image, the campaign shows the diversity and choice new extensions can bring when looking for that ideal domain name for you or your business. We are very honored to see .CLUB presented by one of the characters, Eri Ayase, who is the president of the student association in the “Love, Live!” movie.  Just as her attitude toward the student council, our team is very passionate about what we are doing and believe .CLUB is a perfect name for everyone who has their own passion.

You can click here to see this campaign.  Which is your favorite character?  You might get a chance to win a prize from these anime idols in “Love, Live!”

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