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One of the fringe benefits of being the registry for .CLUB domain names is the opportunities we have to meet truly creative and inspired entrepreneurs. Ry Russell, founder and CEO of apparel startup MANBRANDS.CLUB is one of them.  He’s a man on a mission to help men dress sharp.  A young serial entrepreneur, Ry was recently quoted in Small Business Trends, where he talks about why he chose to brand his company with a .CLUB domain:

“We started the company two years ago, to sell men’s branded products,” Russell said. “We registered, but when I saw that the .club extension was available, something clicked. I felt it added a level of sophistication and exclusivity that would appeal to our customers.”


Russell also noted that .club caught people’s attention, which resulted in an unexpected branding advantage.


“Since the .club domain is relatively new, it caught people’s attention and started a conversation,” Russell said. “It really sticks with people and adds value from a marketing and branding standpoint. It’s not something they quickly forget. As competition increases, finding ways to differentiate yourself is important, and that’s what .club has done for us.” is just one of thousands of businesses that are using a .CLUB domain name, and building great communities around a product, service or passion.  We’re not just the registry for’s domain name, we’re also a customer and I look forward to my socks delivery every month.


Ry Russell is not just a great entrepreneur, he’s a great marketer, and has produced a fun video to show how a simple fashion statement can make a big difference. As they say at, “Change your socks… Change your life!”


Yes, there are thousands of actual clubs using a .CLUB domain, from golf, country, tennis and yacht clubs, to Rotary, Kiwanis and school clubs.  But there are also celebrities and sports figures, and bloggers, and, as shows, many businesses and startups – offering every product or service imaginable – have also found the .CLUB extension to be a strong, brandable, and highly marketable name.

A great .CLUB name is good business!



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Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.