SEMrush: 5 Ways Domain Names Foster Community And Brand Equity


SEMrush is a popular blog focused on delivering “current, relevant and useful content in the areas of SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis and Content Marketing.”  That’s a ripe audience of folks who need to know more about the new top level domains, so it was my pleasure to have the opportunity to write a post for them.  Here’s an excerpt from the article I wrote for SemRush:

Domain names, while often taken for granted, communicate an element of brand identity and make a clear statement of brand differentiation. The “holy grail” of domain name extensions is something short, memorable, and meaningful; it contributes value to the words or letters to the left of the dot.

Arguably, that’s why Google recently used the domain “” for the announcement of Alphabet, its new parent company. As a representation of the actual alphabet, makes good sense, from both a user’s standpoint and a business perspective.

And with the recent introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions, there are more opportunities than ever  to find the ideal domain name.


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