Solid Six Figure January .CLUB Premium Name Sales Launch 2016 with a Bang

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The strong premium name sales that we experienced in Q4 2015 are continuing into the new year as we closed January with a very solid Premium Name Sales total of $142,470.52.

This brings the total cumulative premium name sales for .CLUB to $3,540,637.79.

During the month of January 2016 there were 408 premium names sold.  5 names (,,, and were sold in the NamesCon auction.   The bulk of the remaining premium name sales were tiered premium names sold through the registrar channel.  China registrars continue to be a strong contributor, however, with the typical slow down in China prior to Chinese New Year, most of the China activity was concentrated in the first half of the month.

The highest single .CLUB sale to date remains at $140,000.00.  The highest individual sale in January was $12,000 for the name, sold in the NamesCon/Right of the Dot auction.

We introduced our tiered premium names to the registrar channel on July 1, 2015 and the registrar channel continues to be an active source of premium name sales for .CLUB. A list of participating registrars is available here. To download a list of the tiered premium names available through the registrar channel on a first come, first served basis, click here.  The tiered premium names available through the registrar channel are names priced up to $10,000.  Higher value names are available through,, Right of the Dot, and at

Given all the activity in recent months there were only 1,948 three-character .CLUB names still available for registration at the end of January (a list of all available tiered premium names is updated periodically here.)

This report reflects all public registry reserved premium name sales that occurred and closed during the month of January 2016.  Due to the volume of names sold during the month we are not going to list each individual sale.


In January, we ended the month with 34 registrars participating in our tiered premium names program via EPP.

During the month of January 408 premium .Club domains were sold by 18 different sources.  The 5 names sold in the NamesCon Auction generated a total of $44,750.  On the registrar side, Chinese Registrar EJEE led with 347 sales totaling $42,896.53.  GoDaddy followed with 22 sales totaling $22,349.78.  Chinese registrar Chengdu West had 9 sales, and each had 5 sales, Uniregistrar had 2 sales and 101 Domain, 1API, Ascio, Dattatec, eNom, Gandi, Instra, Key-Systems, PDR and Wild West Domains each had a single sale. 3 sales were made directly by the Registry.

The retail prices paid for the registrar tiered premium sales ranged from $67.46 to $6,999.99. Total premium name sales for the month were $142,470.52.  While a decrease from December’s outstanding (and China dominated) sales of $614,071.90, January sales are an increase of 13.6% over October’s then record sales of $125,372.25.

In January, Chinese Registrars accounted for approximately 35% of all premium name sales.  GoDaddy accounted for nearly 16% and the NamesCon Auction accounted for approximately 31%.

January Sales Chart



Premium sales through the registrar channel continue to be solid for .CLUB names, and the expansion of our tiered premium program to include registrars in China, such as EJEE and Chengdu West, continues to make a meaningful contribution.

Auctions play an important role in premium name sales for .CLUB, and the NamesCon auction was responsible for 31% of total January sales.  You can expect additional .CLUB auctions to be announced in the coming months.

While demand from China for numeric and letter combinations continues, we are very pleased to see sales coming from a growing number of registrars and territories. Below are the names sold in January at prices of $1,000 or more, accounting for $95,667.45 or 67% of total January sales.

January 2016 .CLUB Sales $1,000 and Above

GXY.CLUB $999.99 EJEE Group Holdings Limited
VEG.CLUB $999.99, Inc.
CACHE.CLUB $999.99, Inc.
ACI.CLUB $1,016.50 1API GmbH
INFO.CLUB $1,691.00 eNom, Inc.
PARKING.CLUB $1,999.00 Wild West Domains, Inc.*
CLASSY.CLUB $1,999.99, Inc.
SPACE.CLUB $3,750.00 NamesCon Auction
ALPINE.CLUB $4,999.99 Ascio Technologies, Inc.
CRAFT.CLUB $4,999.99, Inc.
BABES.CLUB $4,999.99, Inc.
GLASS.CLUB $5,425.00 Direct Sale
TOKYO.CLUB $5,691.66 Gandi SAS
DIY.CLUB $6,334.31 Chengdu West
GREEN.CLUB $6,999.99, Inc.
ATHLETIC.CLUB $9,000.00 NamesCon Auction
POT.CLUB $10,000.00 NamesCon Auction
STRIP.CLUB $10,000.00 NamesCon Auction
NIGHT.CLUB $12,000.00 NamesCon Auction

For more information email jeff at get . club.  To Download a PDF copy of this report click here.



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