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It was a pleasure to be a guest on Chris Brogan’s Owner’s Mind Podcast.  I’ve been friends with popular author, speaker and excellent typist Chris Brogan for a long time.  Since we’ve known each other, both Chris and I have moved through a variety of career shifts and it was great to catch up and share some thoughts on the Domain Industry and .CLUB, where I have been focusing my time and energy for the past few years.

As he is someone who thinks, writes and speaks a lot about sales and marketing in today’s connected world, I was pleased to see that Chris “gets it” and understands and appreciates the branding and marketing opportunities that new meaningful domain extensions can present to individuals and businesses.  A recent guest on Chris’ show was Attorney Mitch Jackson, who hosts his popular Human Side Interviews at Human.Social, and it was great to see a new domain understood and used in a natural, logical and organic way, by two savvy marketers.  I think marketers can benefit the most from many of the new domain names and will play an important role in growing awareness of the new domains as they are used more and more in marketing and branding campaigns.

As an added bonus, another friend of mine, Howard Greenstein, also appears on the episode and shares some great information about new domain names from the perspective of brands and trademarks.  Howard is the COO of Domain Monitoring and Protection service, DomainSkate.

I hope you enjoy listening to the show and please consider subscribing to The Owner’s Mind as Chris always has interesting guests that share useful information.




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