The 2016 Launch Hackathon Joins the .CLUB


We love hackathons, and the LAUNCH HACKATHON is one of the biggest and best there is.  Last year at Launch we had 53 teams use a .CLUB domain for their Hackathon project.  This year, even with more domain name choices available, we had 79 of the official submissions use a .CLUB domain name and over 100 total .CLUB projects.  Our partner made it easy for everyone to get a free .CLUB domain, and our partner helped make sure the busy hackers were kept well caffeinated 24/7 during the 48 hour competition.

This year we offered two cash prizes: $6,000 for the best project using a .CLUB domain and $2,000 for the best .CLUB name.

Our winners were:
$6,000 – – User created walking tours of neighborhoods, places, etc.  A website where you can easily create a tour.  An app/mobile version where folks can download (free or fee) a tour and use it while they walk.
$2,000 – – Clever name, and actually a fun idea. It stops you from starting a fight with a spouse, co-worker or friend by analyzing the text in your message before you send it and scores it for how angry you sound and suggests words you can change to “tone it down” so you don’t start a fight.

Congrats to both our winners and everyone who participated.

New domain names had a great presence this year as our friends at Radix also offered prizes for the use of their domains.  It was great to see the creativity that can be sparked by a great domain name.

Here’s a short video with some of the highlights…


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Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.