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Chief Marketing Officers unite!  Founded by Pete Krainik, The CMO Club has attracted over 800 members who are CMO’s or senior marketing executives at some of the world’s leading companies and brands.

 “The CMO Club was created for the unique purpose of bringing heads of marketing together in a private, exclusive environment of openness, & contribution that enables them to be more valuable and inspired revenue generators, leaders, marketers, and officers.”  

The club hosts dinners for regional chapters, conducts research, organizes several “summit” events a year, and provides a great resource and forum for heads of marketing to engage and share ideas. I just returned from attending my first CMO Club Summit in Los Angeles, and it was a great event, loaded with thought provoking and helpful discussions, as well as many bursts of creative inspiration.  In addition to panels and discussions with CMO’s and marketing professionals, we were treated to a number of musical and celebrity guest appearances, including private performances by Mindy Abair, Weezer, Eric Benet, The Madden Brothers and Keta, as well as discussions with Verne Troyer, Jo Frost, Diplo, Justine Musk and Diedre Hall.  While the musicians in the group performed a song or two, the real treat came when the special guests sat down and talked about their behind the scenes approaches to business and marketing.  It was a chance to gain some great insights and experience a side of artists and celebrities we don’t usually get to see.  Kudos to Pete and his team for arranging such a great agenda.

During the summit the CMO Club team announced the launch of the new “CMO Club Solutions Clubhouse” at  At members of the CMO Club can participate in:

“The first CMO Digital Community connecting marketing leaders around the world and built on peer-driven content, challenges and solutions.”

It looks to be a fantastic and practical resource for CMO’s and a great benefit to members of The CMO Club.  It is also a great example of a business using a .CLUB domain name in addition to their primary web address.  For membership information and to learn more about The CMO Club you can go to  Members of the club can benefit from the content and engagement opportunities at

I am very happy to be a member of The CMO Club, and we are excited to welcome to the .CLUB family.

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Jeff Sass

Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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