• Happy Birthday! .CLUB Turns Two (and it’s not terrible!)

    We’re two!  Hard to believe that it has already been two years since our launch. It has been an amazing global adventure as we’ve grown from an idea Colin had to over 770,000 registrations worldwide.  The most exciting thing is to see the enormous variety, creativity and innovation from the stars, bands, businesses, sports figures, […]

  • Socks Sell! Meet

    One of the fringe benefits of being the registry for .CLUB domain names is the opportunities we have to meet truly creative and inspired entrepreneurs. Ry Russell, founder and CEO of apparel startup MANBRANDS.CLUB is one of them.  He’s a man on a mission to help men dress sharp.  A young serial entrepreneur, Ry was […]

  • The 2016 Launch Hackathon Joins the .CLUB

    We love hackathons, and the LAUNCH HACKATHON is one of the biggest and best there is.  Last year at Launch we had 53 teams use a .CLUB domain for their Hackathon project.  This year, even with more domain name choices available, we had 79 of the official submissions use a .CLUB domain name and over […]

  • At The CMAA Club Business Expo, “CLUB” IS Everywhere!

    As the registry for .CLUB we are a company that is 100% invested in the word “CLUB” – literally.  With that in mind it is quite reassuring to attend a CLUB industry convention where the word club is seen everywhere you turn.  At the Annual Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA) Club Business Expo in […]

  • Meet Dave DotClub… A Riot of an Ad from @FilmRiot and

    As you know, .CLUB is all about passion and community, so we love when our partners get passionate about marketing .CLUB and turn on the creativity… and Ryan Connolly, the uber creative host of the popular Film Riot podcast joined forces for a tour du force ad for .CLUB domain names. Have fun watching […]

  • Celebrating Our First Birthday!

    One year ago today .CLUB went live!  It has been a great and busy year and we have many accomplishments to be proud of.  That said, we could not have done it without all of our supporters: our registrar partners, our investors, our friends and families, and most of all, our registrants – the individuals […]

  • .CLUB and .BAR Team Up for the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas

    One of the many advantages of the new domain extensions is how they can add specific meaning for many different industry verticals.  One of the verticals that certainly resonates with a .CLUB domain name is the nightclub industry, and many popular clubs are already using their .CLUB names.  Our friends at Punto 2012, the registry […]

  • March Madness .CLUB Style

    While most people associate March Madness with the NCAA Basketball finals, the .CLUB team experienced our own March Madness traveling to and exhibiting at six different events around the world, all in the month of March: The madness began at the beginning of the month in San Francisco with the Launch Hackathon, followed immediately by […]

  • Golf, Country and Tennis Clubs Join The .CLUB at CMAA Expo

    Needless to say, a .CLUB domain name is perfect for Golf, Country and Tennis clubs, so it is only natural that the .CLUB team will exhibit at the CMAA (Club Managers Association of America) World Conference and Club Business Expo (March 8-12, 2015) for the second year in a row.  Last year, the conference was […]

  • What Happens In Vegas? Join the .CLUB To Find Out!

    The .CLUB team was in full force at the 2nd Annual NamesCon conference at the Tropicana hotel earlier this month in Las Vegas.  The second edition of this well run event was even more popular than last year’s great inaugural showing.  There were more exhibitors, more attendees, more speakers, more sessions, more fun, and more […]

  • Exclusive Interview with DomainGang’s Russian Correspondent Nikolai Domeinenko

    With global interest in .CLUB on the rise, it is only natural that we get interview requests from all over the world.  Recently I had the chance to speak with DomainGang‘s highly regarded (and somewhat guarded) Russian correspondent, Nikolai Domeinenko.  The exclusive interview, conducted via satellite from Moscow, was recorded and presented by DomainGang in […]

  • “My Favorite Strings” – The .CLUB Holiday Song Celebrates New Domain Names

    As everyone in the United States gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of the Holiday Season, we are very thankful to be a part of the Domain Name industry during this exciting time of expansion and innovation.  With hundreds of new domain extensions being introduced, the Internet is changing forever, and the .CLUB […]

  • .CLUB and SEDO At #DMEXCO2014

    The .CLUB team had the chance to join our partners at Sedo in their booth at the DMEXCO conference in Cologne, Germany.  As a leading Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, DMEXCO has grown to become one of the largest trade-shows in the world with over 800 exhibitors and 32,000 attendees.  It was a HUGE event, […]

  • Featured .CLUB Member: Gilbert Simon’s

    As we continue to see great .CLUB websites launching all over the world, this week we focus on a .CLUB member in Lebanon, Gilbert Simon’s Gilbert Simon is a globally recognized, highly creative musician and artist.  From his official bio: Hailing from Beirut, Lebanese Franco-Armenian Artist GILBERT SIMON has been in the music business […]

  • Video: .CLUB Is Everywhere…

    To commemorate two months since our official launch we put together a short video to highlight some of the sites that are already using .CLUB, as well as some of the advertising and promotion we’ve done over the past few months. We’re still in the early days, but we are very happy with the adoption […]

  • .CLUB Featured By German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) During ICANN50

      During the ICANN 50  meeting in London, the .CLUB team was visited by a crew from Germany’s leading International broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) who was there to cover the way web addresses are changing and diversifying.  Click on the image above or click here to watch the video report.  

  • Superstar Demi Lovato Launches

    One of the many great uses for a .CLUB name is for a fan club so we’re thrilled to welcome another celebrity into the .CLUB family.  Following the launch of 50 Cent’s fan site, yesterday superstar Demi Lovato launched her new Fan Club at Lovato.Club.  The talented young singer, actress and TV judge (American […]

  • 50 Cent Parties In Da .CLUB At NYC Launch Event

    As you probably know by now, shortly after our LAUNCH on May 7th, we announced a partnership with award-winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.  On May 22nd 50 Cent launched his own .CLUB fan site at, and we celebrated both the launch of .CLUB and 50’s new site at an exclusive […]

  • .CLUB CEO Is a Wiz On Whizzbangsblog

    Colin had the chance to present a webinar on Michael Gilmour’s well regarded in Australia (well, Michael was down under and Colin was at .CLUB’s Ft. Lauderdale Headquarters).  In fact, Colin had the chance to talk with Michael twice, as the audio was not recorded during the original webinar.  Here’s the complete (take two) […]

  • .CLUB’s DomainFest Keynote: Let’s Talk About Brands & gTLD’s

    Last week the .CLUB team was in Los Angeles for DomainFest.  The timing of the event conveniently coincided with the launch of our Land Rush period so we jumped at the opportunity to host the opening night party as our Land Rush party and it was a blast, complete with a red carpet and Joan […]

  • What Is A TLD?

    Top Level Domains.  TLD’s.  NewTLD’s.  gTLD’s.  nTLD’s.  The new “G’s.”  Lots of different ways to say it, but in the end, it is a fairly simple explanation.  Our friends at dotCEO and PeopleBrowsr put together a simple video to help explain just what a Top Level Domain (TLD) is, and give some examples as to […]

  • The DomainSherpa .CLUB Interview

    Colin and I had a chance to talk with Michael Cyger, and appear on his popular online show, “DomainSherpa.”  Featuring in-depth interviews with industry leaders and experts, for many years has been one of the best resources available for real learning about the domain business.  An established entrepreneur himself, Michael grilled us for nearly […]

  • New Video: Your Passion. Your .CLUB

    The .CLUB team took to the sunny South Florida beaches to see what some people are passionate about.  As you might expect, there was quite a variety of answers, but for everyone’s passion there’s also a great .CLUB domain name.  What’s your passion?