Welcome To Get.Club: Live Sites, Celebrities, InTheWild & a Store!

DotClubWe’re excited to introduce a refreshed new website at www.get.club.  As we’ve said here before, we are most excited about the amazing businesses and individuals using .CLUB web addresses.  As the leading new domain extension when it comes to usage, we wanted to create a fun environment to regularly highlight the great, creative uses of .CLUB domains. With that in mind we have some new sections in our new website:

LIVE SITES (www.get.club/livesites)
CELEBRITIES (www.get.club/celebrities)
INTHEWILD (www.get.club/inthewild)
.CLUB STORE (www.get.club/store)

Here’s a preview of each of these new sections:

Live Sites – while we have always featured live sites the new section is bigger and better, listing hundreds of sites with more being added regularly.  In addition the new live sites section is organized by categories so you can dive in deep and see examples of a certain type of business or site.  Do you have a great .CLUB website you would like to see featured at get.club? Let us know.




Celebrities – Ever since our launch two years ago with 50 Cent at our NY Party premiering his own .CLUB site 50Inda.club, we’ve seen many celebrities and sports figures adopt a .CLUB domain for their main websites, for their dedicated fan sites, and in many cases even to point to their Facebook pages or other platforms, like award winning actress Viola Davis and popular musician Matisyahu.  Have you spotted a great celebrity site we haven’t featured? Let us know.



In The Wild – It is not just the great .CLUB websites we like to promote, but all the cool ways our end users are promoting their .CLUB websites.  In the “In The Wild” section you’ll see videos, press releases and news articles, signs and ads, and all other instances of .CLUB websites “In The Wild.”  Have you spotted a .CLUB site In The Wild?  Let us know!



.CLUB Store – One of the very exciting things we’ve seen over the past two years is the number of awesome e-commerce sites and startups using a .CLUB domain name for their business.  A .CLUB web address is perfect for any business with a membership or subscription model or any business building a community around a product, service or passion.  At the new .CLUB Store we are featuring great .CLUB commerce sites and offering you special discounts on their products and services. Welcome to the .CLUB and enjoy these exclusive benefits.  Do you have a great .CLUB e-commerce site? If you’d like to be featured in the .CLUB Store, let us know.



We hope you’ll take the time to poke around our new website and explore these great .CLUB sites.  Let us know what you think in the comments!


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Jeff Sass is .CLUB's Chief Marketing Officer. You can follow him on Twitter at @Sass.

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